Software List

The software packages that I made or I was involved in are introduced in this page. Please contact me to know more about them.

FastHinge 1.0

The FastHinge 1.0 is a very fast hinge prediction program that predicts hinge positions by comparing already-aligned two flexible structures. Only the Windows XP/SunOS 5.8 executable files are provided.


GeoST is a program for indexing protein structures based on a data structure called the `geometric suffix tree'. The data structure enables searching for similar substructures in protein databases, where `similar' means RMSD is within some bound. It enumerates all the substructures whose RMSD to the query is within a given bound.


BDGF (BioDictionary Gene Finder) is a gene finding tool based on a very large protein pattern database called BioDictionary. The server is located at Bioinformatics and Pattern Discovery Grpup at IBM Watson Research Center.



CLUSPA is an accurate and fast tool for clustering cDNA sequences and determining alternative splice variant candidates without mapping to the genome sequence. Unlike BLAST or FASTA-based tools, CLUSPA considers splicing sites when comparing sequences and therefore achieves more accurate clustering. You need an account of OBIGrid (free) to log in to this server.



FMA is a multiple alignment tool for obtaining alternative solutions to the optimal sum-of-pairs multiple alignment by enumerating suboptimal alignments and doing parametric analysis.



MCCM is a cDNA mapping program based on suffix trees. - But not in public.


Super IF-MAP

Super IF-MAP is a GIS software package of IBM which I was involved in when I was with IBM..



PayPerClick is a WWW account server software program developed at IBM which I was involved in when I was with IBM.


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