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I am an associate professor of the Laboratory of Sequence Analysis, Human Genome Center, University of Tokyo. I am also belong to the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, at the same university. The home page of Shibuya laboratory is located here.
Research topics in my research:
  • Algorithms in Computational Biology / Bioinformatics
    • Indexing algorithms for protein structure databases
    • Structural analysis of proteins/RNAs
    • SNPs analysis
    • Sequence analysis (Gene finding, RNAi prediction, etc)
    • Genomic comparison
    • Pathway analysis
    • etc.
  • Algorithms and Theory
    • Combinatorial pattern matching
    • Database search
    • Graph and network analysis
    • Learning theory
    • etc.

At Budapest, Hungary

Curriculum Vitae

Latest News

- Tetsuo Shibuya won the SIGBIO Contribution Award, IPSJ. (December 18, 2014)
- A paper was published on Nature Genetics. (May 2012)
- Tetsuo Shibuya won the MSR Japan New Faculty Award. (November 15, 2011)
- Tetsuo Shibuya won the FFIT Science Award. (May 28, 2011)




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